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What is EarthGym?
EarthGym cultivates both a healthy planet and healthy people through activities that care for the Earth including guided hikes, litter clean-ups,
kayak/canoe outings, eco-service retreats, camping trips, bike outings, yoga, and more.

EarthGym welcomes people of all ages and abilities to join in friendly, relaxed activities; flexible to individual needs. At its core EarthGym is about
connecting with Nature through the heart while having fun outdoors, meeting new friends, relieving stress, and boosting physical health.

What is the meaning of "Green Your Mind"?

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe" - John Muir

During EarthGym activities there are pauses to stop and sense our interrelatedness.
We call it "Heart-Sensing" and it is a contemplative moment that washes away stress and renews the soul.

"We do not see Nature with our eyes but with our understanding and our hearts" - William Hazlitt

For example, during a beach clean-up we might pause individually or collectively to listen to the waves against the shore and the sound of seagulls
flying over. When we stop "doing" for even a moment, we feel a sense of balance return as we reconnect to our wholeness. It is like we are drops of
ocean that wandered off and when we pause, we feel ourselves gently returning into the vastness of the ocean again. We expand ... and our
boundaries that seemingly separated us from Nature and others disappear, reawakening long-dormant parts of ourselves.

"You experience a 'special feeling' when you become involved with Nature.
It's your root consciousness connecting with Nature, as it did so long ago, a part of your forgotten spiritual heritage being revitalized" - Misset

When we feel connected, our fears and stress evaporate. We radiate health and well-being. We are more playful and alive. And we are more able to
care for others because we took time to care for ourselves.

Greening the mind is coming into the present moment to sense the immensity of  the web of life and feel your sacred place within it.
It means taking  a time-out from your to-do list to "just be". And Greening the Mind" is the world's simplest stress-reliever!
Just step outside and feel the difference it makes in your mood!

"Green Your Mind"

© 2009 EarthGym
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