"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt by the heart" - Helen Keller
Bonnie Hart, Ecopsychologist
M.A. Transpersonal Psychology
Stress-Relief Specialist
Offering Knowledgeable and Caring Guidance
1926 Greentree Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

One Hour $75
Ninety Minutes $100

Life can get complicated sometimes. We are faced with challenges that can leave us feeling mixed up and out of sorts. That’s when it is comforting
to know someone cares about what we are experiencing and is dedicated to helping us feel better again. In counseling sessions, I talk with clients
one-on-one to examine their unique situations, unravel the worries of the mind, and move into the wisdom of the heart.

I am often asked what is Transpersonal Psychology? Well, the word “Transpersonal” means “Beyond the Personal.”  So taking a Transpersonal
Approach to the challenges in our life means looking at the bigger picture. When there are upsets in our life like the ending of a relationship or the
loss of a job, it is easy to blame the others involved for the pain we are feeling. The Transpersonal Approach asks questions like, “Could this ending
be a blessing in disguise?” “Is this ending leading me to a great new opportunity?” We start to adopt the viewpoint that the events in our lives
aren’t happening
to us but for us.

"From the right point of view, every storm and every drop in it, is a rainbow"
- Henry David Thoureau

We begin to view painful events in our lives as opportunities to learn and grow. Contained within every problem is a gift. So our healing work is
centered on how to discover the gifts within the situation and then move on with an open heart.

"Grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change; COURAGE to change the things I can; and WISDOM to know the difference"
- Reinhold Niebuhr

In any situation we have 3 choices: change it, leave it, or accept it. When we feel mixed up it is difficult to know which to choose. Transpersonal
Counseling helps us unravel what's going on and how to best handle it for ourselves and everyone involved. A key to unraveling the situation is
learning how to quiet the rambling of the mind so we can hear the wisdom of our heart.

For most of us, the mind is wandering constantly into thoughts that create fear and worry, which weaken us physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Through Transpersonal Counseling we can learn to live beyond the fear and worry of the mind.  Transpersonal Counseling teaches us how to hear
the peace and wisdom of the heart; a place of compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude. And when we move through life leading with the
heart our lives are much different - brighter, richer, lighter.

Buddhist masters like the Dalai Lama tell us pain is a natural part of living. But suffering is clinging to the pain.  Transpersonal Counseling helps us
minimize the painful episodes in our lives, by learning how to move beyond them.

So  in our counseling session we'll talk about what is going on in your life  and how to  get
beyond the upsets so you can  live life in a more relaxed,
revitalized, and meaningful way.

From Counseling Clients (by permission):

"Thank you for creating a safe and compassionate atmosphere where I feel comfortable to share all my troubles without judgement."

"You've taught me so many great tools that I use daily to manage stress and the general pressures of life."

"I can't tell you how wonderful I feel! I am eternally grateful to you for the wisdom, healing, and tools that you've given to me."

"You are one of my earth angels and I am so grateful for your light and intuition."

"I really like the way you help me look within and live from the heart. This is a valuable tool in a culture that often encourages us to look outward and
compare ourselves with others. After talking with you I realized I was stifling my own inner guide."

"I am so grateful for the kindness and heartfelt understanding you have shown me."

"Very slowly I began to heal. Very slowly I began to honor myself again. Very slowly I began to breathe again giving me life back. And in just a few
months I began to feel my heart open up again. And most importantly,, I began to live again. Thank you so much."

One Hour $75
Reiki is a form of hands on healing that has been practiced throughout history. It has gained new popularity
in recent years as the medical community has learned what Reiki practitioners have known for years; Reiki
promotes health and vitality. It is now often used in hospitals in concert with medical procedures to relieve
pain and quicken the recovery process.

Reiki works with the lines of energy in the body called meridians and chakras. These enery centers can be
understood better if we liken them to the circulatory system of the body that carries blood to the organs. We
know that our circulation system carries the blood into and out of the heart in a specific way. And if the blood
is too thick it leads to problems like strokes and if it is too thin it leads to problems like anemia.

The lines of energy in our body also need to flow in a specific direction and rate of flow for us to feel healthy.
If our energy is running too fast we'll feel nervous and if it is too slow we'll feel lethargic. Reiki gives the
energy flow a tune-up, making adjustments to the energy so it moves properly. Consequently after a
Reiki Session people feel a sense of vitality, relaxation, and balance.

Reiki works very well as an overall stress reliever but is great also for specific problems such as
insomnia, emotional upsets, grief, and physical pain.

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